A Monthly Film Photography Contest with Great Prizes!

C41 Coffee Shop is hosting an exciting new contest for film photographers, beginning March 2021. There is a steadily growing community of film photographers of all ages. This is wonderful, because we love film! There is nothing quite like the aesthetic of film, with its unique colours, natural grain and ever varying results. There is a vast pallet of films available in many formats to choose from, in both black and white, and colour. Shooting film is an art form which requires patience, contemplation, practice and skill. This contest will offer film photographers the chance to show their work, develop their skills, and challenge themselves — and connect with the film community in a free, fun and encouraging environment. 

The Contest

We’re excited to announce The C41 Coffee Film Photo Contest — a monthly themed film photo contest displayed at the C41 Coffee Shop at Lonsdale Quay.


It’s free to enter, open to local and international photographers, with amazing monthly prizes, as well as an end-of-year Grand Prize Draw, plus C41 coffee prizes for Voters

New themes are announced on the 1st of each month, with submissions open for 4 weeks / closing on the 29thC41 Coffee Shop and its contest coordinators select a maximum of 12 photos from the submissions.


The 12 photos are professionally printed and displayed in the C41 Coffee Shop for in-store voting for a period of 4 weeks. 


Voters are automatically entered to win free C41 Coffee. Customers can vote for one (1) photo only, per month. Covid-safe protocols are in place. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to come by to vote and enjoy a C41 Coffee!


Votes are counted and the Winners announced on the 1st on our Instagram account @c41coffeefilmphotocontest.

At the end of 12 months (the Contest's 1st Year) the winning photographers from each month are entered in a Grand Prize Draw, with amazing 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes!

Please share the news about our monthly film photo contest! We’d love to reach more film photographers and encourage more people to come view and vote! Please share and tag us at @c41coffeefilmphotocontest and @c41coffeeshop.

Monthly Prizes!*

- All 12 selected Photographers: C41 Special Blend Coffee Beans + their professionally printed photograph

- Plus Pallet Coffee Beans for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize Winners

- Plus 2 x Rolls of Film for the 1st Prize Winner & entry into the Grand Prize Draw!

*International Winners: prizes may be subject to International shipping regulations. In event a prize, or part thereof, cannot be shipped, another prize of equal value will be awarded.

Grand Draw Prizes!*

Thank you to our Sponsors!

PrintMaker for the archival prints

C41 Coffee Shop for the C41 & Pallet Coffee Beans

Mark Klotz and Joanne White for Film and Camera Prizes

Announcing November's theme: “Landscapes”

Many of our fellow film photographers love to shoot landscapes. This is your opportunity to show us the beauty of landscape photography. 

If you haven’t delved into landscapes yet, take a look at the works of some famous landscape photographers like Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, or Laura Gilpin, to name a few. 

This category focuses on the landscape. Your compositions should not include people, pets or other subject matter that would distract from the landscape. Landscape photography can include elements that add to the flow of your composition, such as a barn in a vast, endless field of grass. It can even show more urban landscapes, like modern buildings against a mountainous backdrop, or an ocean scene with distant ships on the horizon. 

We look forward to your submissions! Good luck everyone!

Contest is open for 4 weeks – submission deadline: Monday, November 29th, at midnight.

Submissions Guidelines


Submit 2 items: 
Photograph (1) + Info Doc (2)



Photo submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • FILM SUBMISSIONS ONLY. All submissions must be shot on film. No digital images will be accepted.

  • Film images must not be altered (photoshopped) beyond normal, reasonable or necessary editing adjustments. Spot/dust removal, and adjustments to levels, as well as colour correction is ok. Any submissions that are obviously photoshopped will be removed.

  • Carefully choose your photo that best suits the monthly theme.

  • Only one (1) photo submission per person, per month will be allowed.

  • Late entries will not be accepted.

(for 8 x 10” prints with borders):

  • Resolution: 300 ppi

  • Inch/Pixel Dimensions (at 300 ppi): 8 inches / 2400 pixels on the long side, or 6 inches / 1800 pixels if your image is square.

  • File Format: JPG 

  • Colour Mode: 16 Bit preferred, 8 Bit acceptable

  • Maximum File Size" 20 MB

  • No Watermarks

  • Dust/scratches removal encouraged for these professionally printed, archival prints.

  • File Name: Photographer’s first and last name, the date and theme (e.g. “JaneDoe_July_2021_The Portrait.jpg”)


  • If you have trouble with any of the specs, please DM us on Instagram and we’ll help you out!

  • IMPORTANT: Images should be family friendly for public display. No graphic images please.

  • Only images that are relevant to the monthly theme will be considered for selection.

  • Submit only images that belong to you. Do not submit images taken by someone else. Images in violation of copyright will be removed.

  • Photos can be in colour or black and white.


File Formats: PDF, Word doc, Text file 

  • File Name: photographer’s first and last name, the date and “Info” (e.g.  “JaneDoe_July_2021_Info.pdf”)

  • Contents
    First and Last Name
    Instagram Handle 
    Telephone Number
    Title of Your Photograph
    Film Type
    Camera Type 
    Developing Details (Home developed or Lab — note the Lab if you’d like us to tag them).
    And a brief paragraph about your photograph

    Note: Your contact details will only be used to contact you for the purpose of this contest, and will not be shared with anyone. 

If you're ready... submit your Photo & Info doc!

By entering this contest, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Legal Disclaimer 

Copyright and rights usage/management:

All photographers submitting their work to this contest shall retain full copyright of their images. By entering this contest, you also agree to grant C41 Coffee and its agents, contest administrators, partners and sponsors to reproduce, print physical copies and/ or digital copies, including derivatives of your submitted images, for the purpose of promoting this photography contest, and for public display, both online in social media, and in store.


You agree that the images you upload to C41 Coffee for the purpose of this contest are your own intellectual content (intellectual property) and that you are the original copyright holder/owner of the images.


You agree that C41 Coffee, its agents, contest administrators, partners and sponsors will not be held legally responsible for violation of intellectual copyright laws, and you agree that any such unauthorized images shall be removed. Anyone knowingly submitting images that are in violation of copyright will be permanently banned from this competition.


By entering this contest, your contact information will not shared with anyone, and only used for the purpose of contacting you when necessary for this contest.